NATIONAL IDENTITY DOCUMENT (D.N.I), abbreviated as D.N.I., was born in Paris in 2019 under the artistic direction of the Peruvian twins, Paulo and Roberto Ruiz Muñoz.

D.N.I blends craftsmanship, poetry, and popular culture, drawing inspiration from the childhood memories of its creators when they still lived in Peru.

These origins and roots serve as the starting point for the brand. The brand explores lesser-known realities of Peru, as the creators’ memories come from the small district of “Casa Grande,” located in the northern part of the country.

D.N.I is dedicated to promoting and uniting Peruvian design both nationally and internationally.

Examples of this include projects like “El Perú te ama” presented at the renowned Parisian store “Printemps Haussman,” showcasing contemporary design and traditional crafts. They also presented the project “Recuerdos de mi infancia” in Lima, collaborating with 10 national designers and artists.

In 2023, D.N.I was nominated as the Emerging Brand of the Year in two prestigious international awards: the “Grands prix de la création de la ville de Paris” in the FASHION – Emerging Talents of the Year category, and the Latin American Fashion Awards in the “Emerging Brand of the Year” category.